Happy Canada Day

Happy Canada Day! This year, I had a picnic on the beach with my cousins and my younger brother!  We brought breakfast with us and got there early enough to beat the heat and the crowds.  We chatted, threw around a frisbee, and waded in the water, which was kinda chilly, (surprising considering the heat wave we’ve been having). Then we drove up to our cottage to hang out with  more family and celebrate the rest of Canada’s birthday! We tubed behind the boat to a little town, where we got ice cream cones. I love being out on the water and exploring new spots on the lake. We also went to see the fireworks that evening and my heart was exploding with happiness! I don’t know what it is about them, but fireworks are my favourite things in the entire world. I thought these ones were really great, especially considering they were put off by a small community on a low budget. Driving back in the boat, I looked behind me and saw the lights from hundreds of other boats  and thought it was absolutely beautiful. With all the hate and violence in the world, it was reassuring to see all these good people come out to celebrate this amazing country, that we are so privileged to live in. This past weekend was filled with many “I LOVE SUMMER SO MUCH” moments, and I am so stoked for all the exciting things coming up!  I hope you are all the having a fantastical summerrrrrr…..

   Lemon poppy-seed scones from whole foods

lovin’  the outfit Sadie ^^^^^

decorating the cottage ^^^^

                                                           triple chocolate brownie ice cream ^^^^^

                                        I really love how these firework photos turned out! ^^^^^


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