First Day of Summer

Although it’s been feeling like summer for the past few weeks, Monday was the official start of the season. To celebrate, my friends and I went for dinner and sat on an outdoor patio, enjoying the sun that stayed late into the evening! That’s my favourite thing about summer, the long days.  Its not the cold that bothers me in the winter as much as the fact that the sun sets at 4 in the afternoon!!!  We went to a local vegetarian restauraunt and had salads and black bean avocado bowls! Then we went home and ate  ice cream bars and chatted on the front porch. Its so nice to see everyone outside going for walks and bike rides.  I am now almost done with classes and exams, so I am so close to being free of tests and schoolwork for 2 months! WHOOHOO. I love June because I have the whole summer ahead of me and so much to look forward to. Also, more time to spend writing and creating for the blog! I absolutely cannot wait (seriously though, I am so done with school!)  Anyways, here are a few photos from our night out…photo creds to my friend Ella … (@ella_ff on insta)

As you can tell, sunny weather makes us extraordinarily happy