Tulip Festival

Although the weather was kinda iffy this weekend, we made a point of going out to see the tulips in downtown Ottawa. It was super windy and cold for May, but we were just happy that the rain held off! The tulip festival is the ideal spot for photographers and it was funny seeing every one crouching down and holding their cameras at weird angles to get the perfect shot for their blog or Instagram. I made sure to remember  to “stop and smell the….tulips” from time to time, but I also got some pretty good photos. Here are some of my favourites…






Train to Toronto

Last weekend, I took the train to Toronto with my cousin, Sadie to visit friends and spend time with family. We took the day off school on Friday so that we were able to spend two full days in the city. We came back Sunday morning to be home for Mother’s Day dinner.  When we arrived, the first place we went was Chipotle because there are none in our city and we have been wanting to go for a super long time. We were bursting with excitement and it was absolutely delicious!!!! Then we did some shopping at the Eaton Centre and took the steetcar to our Aunt and Uncle’s house. We had dinner at the Harbourfront Centre and I had the best burger of my life in the restauraunt! The next day, I watched my cousin Charlotte’s riding class in a rural part of Toronto. In the afternoon, I headed back downtown to hang out with my friend, Taylor. We went to Sweet Jesus and had the biggest, yummiest ice cream cones. I love spending weekends in Toronto because there is always something going on or a new place to explore! Here are a few photos…

   ^^Early morning train


^^Nice to see my brother (who has been working in Toronto)

^^Such a pretty part of Toronto

^^”Cookies cookies cookies and cream” and ” Oh sweet baby Jesus”

^^Cousin love