BC, Canada

My family and I just got back from the most amazing holiday! We spent spring break on the slopes at Big White, in British Colombia, Canada. The conditions were great up there, with fresh snow almost everyday, and a base of 300cm!!! It was so nice to spend time with my extended family, and explore a new ski resort!  We stayed at Sundance Hotel, where we had our own condo with two bedrooms and a small kitchen. The hotel had a games room and an outdoor pool, with a slide. Although the pool was heated, it was still pretty chilly so I stuck to the hot tub for most of the time! It was often quite foggy, but on a clear day we had the most spectacular mountain view from the hot tub, which was the most relaxing way to end the day. There were plenty of activities happening at the resort, and we tried to take advantage of as many of them as we could! A highlight of the trip was going to the snow tubing park, and spinning down the hills with all of my cousins. The resort also offers snowshoeing, ice skating, and snowmobile rental, but the week went by quickly, and we didn’t have the chance to try everything out. My little cousin, who’s the biggest animal lover, went for a dog sled ride, and had the time of her life! Here are a few photos from the trip…


Sweet view from the plane to Vancouver!

There was an INSANE amount of snow, and I thought it looked like something out of a painting when it was piled up on the rooftops!

Another pretty sight…



First day of skiing!


All 20 of us!

View from the condo…



This was the coolest ice tower that people were climbing, with special boots and tools!



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