Toronto Adventure!

This weekend, I took a trip up to Toronto to see some friends and hang out with my family. Toronto is probably one of my favourite cities, and I have a blast every time I go! Unfortunately, part of the subway line shut down, which got in the way of some of my plans, but I still managed to have a super fun time! The weather was just above zero degrees Celsius, and the snow was almost all gone. I could definitely feel spring in the air! Here are a few pictures from the weekend…

I loved exploring Toronto with these gals! My cousin Sadie is on the far left, and my cousin Emma is on the far right. We were laughing about this picture afterwards, because we didn’t choose the best background, but I love the photo nonetheless. 

Milkshake stop! We were SO done with Winter, we decided to grab some cold drinks to welcome the warmer weather.  We went to Franks, close to Kensington Market, and it was super delicious! They also make all kinds of hotdogs with cool toppings, so definately check it out if you’re in the city!

Kensington! The market is filled with unique stores and vintage shops. There was also a place serving chicken and waffles, which I’ve never tried, but I think I will next time I’m in Kensington. We thought this setup was pretty funny, 10 points if you can spot my eye peeking out creepily….

One of my favourite things about Toronto is all of the cute coffee shops! Each one is so unique and special! Unfortunately, we had a busy day, so we couldn’t sit down to eat, but we brought delicious tea and pastires with us in the car. Yummmm….


The weather was beautiful and the sky was gorgeous! I haven’t seen a good sunny day like this for a while!


One thought on “Toronto Adventure!

  1. Jennifer says:

    Coffee shops are my favourite part of any city, especially the local ones.

    Kensington Market is really cool. It doesn’t even feel like Toronto. It’s like you stepped outside the city and entered another country. It has such a great vibe.

    Looks like you had lots of fun!

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