DIY Valentines

It may feel like Christmas was just yesterday, but I can’t help getting excited for February 14! I got inspired to do this DIY from browsing through Pinterest, (where I find pretty much everything!) I thought it was adorable and a super sweet gift to give a loved one on Valentine’s day…here it is!


What you’ll need: 

Brown construction paper

-Heart-shaped chocolates

-Pencil/ Black pen



Step one: Sketch out some cute creatures on the brown paper. I chose to do a bunny, a bear, and a monkey. It’s totally ok if your drawings aren’t perfect, (mine certainly aren’t.)

Step two: Carefully cut out your animals. I doubled up my paper so that I got six instead of three!

Step three: Place a loop of tape on the “heart” of each animal, right in between their arms.

Step four: Place one chocolate heart on top of the tape loop for each animal.

Step five: Place a second loop of tape on top of the heart for each animal.

Step six: Fold both arms over the heart, as if the animal is giving itself a hug. And your done! These guys are really fun to make, and a yummy gift for Valentine’s day. Enjoy!!


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